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Utah Peace House


 --Our Vision is to make the Utah Peace House a culturally diverse center for personal growth and intellectual understanding that offers hope to humanity by providing education and positive alternatives to violence and wasteful practices.

--Our dream is to create a hub of activism for a variety of organizations that promote the principles of a more peaceful world, the development and implementation of alternative energy, and the practice of reducing, reusing and recycling.
--We plan to offer special welcomes to activists, media, and representatives from far and wide who visit Salt Lake.
The Utah Peace House will be a center for peace and justice and will serve our local and regional communities by:
• Serving as a model for practices of a more peaceful world, including non-violence, alternative energy, and the reduction of waste through actual practice.
• Holding a global awareness and understanding of the needs of peace and environmental issues, acting locally to provide an avenue for individual and group participation of achieving peace and an improved environment.
• Providing education, being a resource and creating vehicles of peaceful, direct action for social change justice and environmental sustainability




The Utah Peace House will be a locally based space provided by private individuals for providing space for organizations promoting peace and justice.
We recognize the essential unity of all life.
Operating from principles of non-violence and compassion, we will explore ways in which people can live cooperatively with one another and with the earth.
The Utah Peace House will provide an avenue for groups and individuals to participate in social change for peace with justice.
The UtahPeace House will serve as a center for education, outreach and action. While holding a global consciousness we will choose to act on a local level. We will provide our community with a resource center and serve as a communication link between individuals and groups.



Meeting rooms for organizations who need space to conduct planning activities.

Organic gardening demonstration to provide education on sustainability practices.

 Thrift Store to promote the concept of reusing; coffee shop with computer access to provide an atmosphere for  discussion, investigation, and collaboration.  Both the thrift store and coffee shop projects will provide a training center for students to gain employment skills.  We will work with local high schools to provide this opportunity.

Lending library of books and video/audio on a variety of subjects related to the mission of the Peace House.

Energy conservation demonstration.

Classes held on a variety of topics to align with the vision of the Utah Peace House.

Film screenings.


More info:  info@blueskyinstitute.org  

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